Trial analysis of cement enterprise management information system design and implementation

In recent years, under the background of the continuous development of network information technology, the faster and higher quality enterprise management information system has become an essential part of modern enterprise management. Due to the support of national policies and the objective needs of enterprises in the market competition, ERP and MIS enterprise management information systems have made great development and progress among large and medium-sized enterprises in China. From the perspective of cement enterprises, the design and implementation of enterprise management information system can not only realize the optimization and reorganization of cement enterprises’ sales, production, finance and storage, but also cultivate a large number of enterprise management talents in the process of promoting enterprise informatization, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, and achieve relatively more significant benefits and development space for enterprises.

Design of cement enterprise management information system

In the cement enterprise management information informatization platform, it specifically includes several aspects such as video monitoring system, attendance management system, infrared anti-theft system, electronic patrol system, office automation sub-system and industrial automation system.

1、Video monitoring system

Video surveillance system is mainly composed of camera, transmission, control, and display and record several parts. Camera part as the video surveillance system “eyes”, it is generally arranged in a better position to monitor the perspective, so as to be able to cover every part of the monitoring place. Transmission part of the most images, sound and other signal transmission channel, currently more than the use of video baseband transmission method. At the same time, in the case of relatively long transmission distance, you can also use more advanced optical transmission and radio frequency transmission and other methods.

In addition, the control part is the entire video surveillance system “brain”, mainly composed of the total console. The main function of the total console includes the analysis and processing of video signals, image signals and other information, remote control of the camera, PTZ and other electronic equipment, etc.. Finally, in the display and recording of the part mainly includes more than two monitors and video equipment. Because, in the monitoring system, especially in several cameras constitute the monitoring system, under normal circumstances are not a camera and a monitor corresponding to each other, but a common display in a large display, and then separated into each small screen, and through the hard disk recorder will be recorded in its entirety, in order to facilitate the near check.

2、Attendance management system

Attendance management system as the basic part of cement enterprise and even modern enterprise management, it can not only save a lot of human and material resources, but also is the main symbol to measure the management level of an enterprise.

From the current design of attendance management system, it is mainly “one card”, “one card” can be used not only for regular attendance, but also for canteen vending system and access control system of key departments, etc. The basic components of the “One Card” include readers, time and attendance machines, smart cards and network controllers. Through the one-card system, “computerized shift” is used for scheduling, which can realize many complex attendance situations such as single punching, three shifts, shift break and flexible work more effectively.

3、Infrared anti-theft system

At present, infrared anti-theft system is mainly for the intelligent security system around the cement plant and the storage place of valuables. Infrared anti-theft system is mainly set up to prevent all kinds of potential security hazards. For infrared anti-theft system, active infrared detection equipment can be used. This equipment is not only relatively mature technology, but also has the characteristics of better performance of work, relatively high reliability, small error and relatively long distance of alert.

In addition, this infrared security system can also achieve automatic detection of intruders or objects, it does not require the relevant staff to monitor for a long time, in the event of a situation, the alarm signal can be automatically sent to the duty officer’s pager. This kind of setting, not only can guarantee the safety of cement enterprise better, at the same time also saves the enterprise in the security aspect a lot of human and material resources.

4、Electronic patrol system

The electronic patrol system as long as is designed for the security system of the cement enterprise, through the installation and setting of the electronic patrol system, not only can strengthen the security of the enterprise at regular intervals, the patrol of each area at fixed points, but also can combine the human defense and the technical defense organically.

The electronic patrol system mainly uses the current more popular wireless patrol equipment, its advantage is not only the cost is relatively low, and the expansion is also very convenient. The Chinese software also strengthens the function of statistics and management, which can adapt to the complex and changing management needs of cement enterprises. The main working principle is that multiple security personnel can use one information collector and wireless intercom together, and at the same time, information buttons will be installed at each patrol point, and when security personnel arrive at the designated location for data collection, the information will be automatically sent to the computer in the main control room for reference.

5、Office automation sub-system

The office automation subsystem can publish the relevant rules and regulations, specific notices and other content on the computer, in addition to the official documents in the cement enterprise can also be signed remotely, so that when the relevant leaders travel, but also need to deal with urgent documents, they can be issued online.

In addition, the office automation subsystem can also take attendance, send and receive mail, and so on, and then gradually realize the paperless office. The office automation system consists of nine parts: personal office, public information. Public management, file management, personal management, supplies management, auxiliary office, mail management and system management.

6、Industrial automation

Industrial automation includes two parts: centralized control system and data acquisition subsystem.

(1) Centralized control system. The system is mainly divided into four modules:, real-time data transmission module, real-time alarm module, historical trend module and operation log module.

(2) Data acquisition subsystem. The main function of this system is to collect data and monitor remotely. It can complete a very complete data record of the whole equipment operation condition, so that it can be used for future analysis of accident causes and quality analysis, etc.

Realization of cement enterprise management information system

Cement enterprise management information system in the specific implementation of the process requires attention to the following points.

(1) for the overall planning. The implementation of the cement enterprise management information system needs to be in accordance with the company’s established goals, based on the combination of advanced foreign development concepts and the actual situation of the company, the development of a more long-term plan. In addition, the implementation of computer hardware must be able to meet the enterprise’s huge data processing and remote data exchange.

(2) In the process of implementation, it is necessary to consider all aspects of the cement enterprise’s production, sales and storage. It is possible to realize production management as the main line and supply and sales process as the focus, so as to achieve personnel. Finance, quality and the overall coordination of the development of equipment management.

(3) cement enterprise management information system in the specific implementation of the process, must be guided by the idea of systems engineering, and in accordance with a certain order of implementation, only then it is possible to achieve the maximum economic benefits. Here “certain order” mainly refers to the first to focus on human and material resources to solve the key problems of the enterprise, so as to reduce the implementation of the purpose of risk.


The cement enterprise management information system is of great importance to cement enterprises to improve their core competitiveness and realize the modernization of enterprise management. However, there are still many problems in the process of concrete implementation of cement enterprise management information system, many implementation quality is poor, the relative lack of experience and other problems, which need to be further developed and improved.

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