Trane Air Conditioner Packaged Systems

Need help deciding what kind of heating and cooling product is right for you? Take a tour around a complete heating and cooling system to discover how matched products work together for enhanced home comfort. The SEER rating of a unit is the cooling output during a typical cooling-season divided by the total electric energy input during the same period.

Your system will cover that for you, allowing you to save more on energy bills. Even better, select units are ENERGY STAR® certified, which can keep your home more comfortable while keeping your charges smaller. Some split systems offer SEER ratings higher than 20, which can lead to noticeable improvements in energy consumption and indoor air quality.

The packaged unit is an all-in-one system that is great for places without crawlspaces, whereas the split system has separate components for those with more indoor space. Depending on the type of home you have, either one will be the right choice for you. Pipes connect the outdoor unit with the indoor unit, so the cooled air from the compressor reaches the air handler.

Sleeping Giant sells American Standard products, which are known for their performance and efficiency. We believe in American Standard products because of their innovative features and precision craftsmanship, and they’re made in the USA! Sleeping Giant is proud to offer the ultimate in comfort and in efficiency.

Wildlife can also make their way inside of the system to set up a nest or damage wiring. Roof installation can be a bit complicated depending on the type and pitch of the roof you have. Furthermore, sometimes a roof installation can lead to a leak inside the home. Not only does the American Standard Silver Series exceed all standard efficiency requirements, it will also exceed your expectations. With the Silver Series’s high quality and craftsmanship, you get the energy efficiency you want and the ruggedness and durability you need.

Packaged Systems

Make the most of your indoor and outside area with a packaged system in Derby, Connecticut, from Giordanos Heating and Air Conditioning. No matter the location you put your integrated Lennox unit, it is made standard with a particular fan to soften vibrations and downplay operating noise. Plus, you can breathe easy knowing it’s produced from tough materials that will extend steady comfort for a long time to come. No matter how you equip your joint Lennox equipment, it is made standard with a distinct fan to muffle vibrations and downplay operating noise. Plus, you can stay confident when you realize it’s fashioned from solid materials that will extend reliable comfort for years in the future. Highlight your space in with a Lennox packaged system in Menomonie and western Wisconsin, Wisconsin.

These dual systems are a combination heat pump and gas furnace, making them the ultimate in efficiency. The unit’s electric heat pump cools and dehumidifies your home, and its gas furnace heats your home during cold temperatures. Dual fuel packaged systems have everything you need to keep your home comfortable. As a heat pump, it cools and dehumidifies your home in the summer.

Our techs are educated in a wide range of services, so you can have confidence in the outcome you get. They’ll provide the assistance you are seeking, whether it’s adding an updated HVAC system or working on and tuning up your existing unit. We’re available to help with all of your requirements, so call us at or contact us online to schedule an appointment now. Freeing up space—HVAC systems can eat up a ton of room in your house, specifically if you don’t have a basement or sizable yard.

They’ll give the assistance you are seeking, whether it’s putting in a modern HVAC system or working on and inspecting your current system. We’re ready to provide support for all of your necessities, so ring us at or contact us online to get an appointment right away. These relatively small HVAC units are put next to or on top of your home, leaving additional room for residences with crawlspaces or pint-sized yard space. At Airmax Long Island Inc, making your home cozy is our top interest.

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