Paint Sludge Drying

If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request. The equipment is modular and has low on-site conditions and suitable installation on all occasions.It can be work with other device and apply to medium and small sites. Since KENKI DRYER consumes small amount of saturated steam as its heat source, there is no need to introduce additional boilers and also decarbonation and fuel cost reduction are possible by using left-over steam in factories. Update you the latest product information and price adjustment every year. With the principle of Energy Saving, Efficient and Practical, ZJN has dedicated in environmental protection business 26 years and achieved over 100 patents and ISO9001 certification.

As environmental regulations for Bio-Solids become more restrictive, sludge handling & processing become more critical. Kappe Associates, Inc. offers a variety of the most advanced and comprehensive product lines for sludge management. widely applied to automobile painting sludge, desulfurized sludge, chemical sludge, desulfurizing and denitration sludge from large and medium sized enterprises. Meanwhile, this solution can be also be utilized to viscous and high moisture materials. If you are interested in our heat pump dryer, please contact us for more information, such as catalogue, video,etc.

Our engineer is available to service machine overseas and train your workers how to use the machine and provide the installation and commissioning service at your site. The stator is equipped with steam doom,which is used to containing waste steam. The rotary drier is mainly composed of stator, rotor and driving device. Some of these can also be used for mud dewatering, mine tailings, pond clean-up and dredging. AS-H Belt Thickeners with integrated polymer mixing for small to medium capacity. • When the cake cracks and the vacuum is lost, the vacuum pump is shut off.

screw press machine

Final sludge pellets can be used as fertilizer, building materials, biological fuel, landfill soil and etc. 5. this drying system holds higher drying efficiency, low running cost and stable performance. Final sludge pellets can be used as fertilizer, building materials, biological fuel, landfill soil and etc. this drying system holds higher drying efficiency, low running cost and stable performance.

River channel sludge with a variety of microorganisms has been neglected and has brought many difficulties to urban environmental governance. The sludge drying machine developed by our factory can dry the sludge and facilitate the production of sludge bio-organic fertilizer, which is the preferred drying equipment of organic fertilizer manufacturers. Sludge drying machine can quickly dry the slurry-residue with 65% to 75% moisture into product with only 13% water. The high temperature air flow will dry different kinds of materials in a short time.

After the sludge dryer dehydrates and dries the sludge, the water content is greatly reduced, and the volume is also very small. After drying, the moisture content of the sludge can be reduced to about 20%, and the volume is reduced accordingly, which is convenient for transportation, utilization or final treatment. Aiming at the characteristics of sludge solidification in the process of sludge drying, the inside of the dryer adopts a multi-channel spiral structure, and changes the structure of the plate structure of the drum dryer. It adopts a combined lifting plate structure and increases the movable purlin the wing plate and self-cleaning device can dry all kinds of sludge and dry all kinds of high viscosity materials. Solar-Regenerative Dryers utilize solar energy as well as low-temperature heat for sludge drying to a solids content of usually above 65% DS.

The cakes then fall off from those plates and are discharged to the final collection point. The presence of a centrifugal pump ensures the remaining suspended solids do not settle in the system, and its main function is to deliver the suspension into each of the separating chambers in the plate and frame filter. This type of filter press consists of many plates and frames assembled alternately with the supports of a pair of rails.

Proper design of sludge drying lagoons requires consideration of several factors, such as precipitation, evaporation, sludge characteristics, and volume. Solids loading criterion is 35 to 38 kg/m3-yr (2.2 to 2.4 lb/ft3-yr) of lagoon capacity. Drying beds with polyurethane panels have the added advantage of dewatering dilute sludge, low suspended solids in filtrate, and easy removal of sludge cake possible with a front-end loader. Alternatives to sludge-drying beds include the rotary drum vacuum filter, the centrifuge, and the belt filter press.

According to your real situation, we can provide you perfect drying solutions. During this process, Taida drying system is mainly designed to reduce moisture of fluid raw sludge, concentrated sludge and digested sludge. Then, these sludge will be transferred to semi-solid or solid sludge lumps. After dehydration, the moisture of sludge can be reduced to 55% to 80%. Dehydration effect depends on sludge quality and dehydration equipment.

After the material is crushed, the contact area between the material and the hot air is increased, the hot air is fully utilized, and the exhaust hot air is recycled, which greatly reduces the energy consumption. The dried product is a particle with a particle size of 1-5mm and high calorific value. Therefore, the device can be applied to materials with different properties, floccules and lumps, etc. Compared with direct sludge incineration, super rotary dryer requires less energy with low carbon emissions, in line with national low-carbon environmental requirements. This device uses clean energy as heating & drying energy, and direct heating method, during which no dioxins and other toxic substances are produced. Sludge drying, low material slurry drying and organic waste drying with high moisture contents can be done easily, safely, surely and with low-cost.

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