Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, the largest port in East Africa and the capital of the coastal province. Located on the southeast coast of Kenya and bordering the Indian Ocean to the east, it is the gateway to the Kenyan mainland, 480 kilometers from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Residents include Bantu, Arabs and Indians, with a population of about 700,000. Mombasa is one of the most famous ancient cities in East Africa and was originally built by Arabs. As early as the 9th century, Arabs from Oman settled in this area. Before the 19th century, from December to January of the following year,Steel Pipe Suppliers a large number of sailing teams from Arabia, Persia, India and Europe came here to do business.
Mombasa was once the jurisdiction of the Sultanate of East Africa. After 1902, it was the capital of the British East African Protected Land. It was once very popular. In the late nineteenth century, in order to adapt to the development of maritime transport and the mooring of large motorized vessels, the construction of a new port in the western part of the city began and gradually expanded. Newport is also known as the port of Kirindine, and the Swahili language means “deep water.” The port is wide and deep, the number of berths at the port is large, the cargo throughput is large and the degree of mechanization is high, ranking first in East Africa. It is not only the main distribution center for Kenya’s import and export goods, but also an important estuary for goods in Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, the eastern Congo (DRC) and southern Sudan.
In 1405, Zheng He, the great navigator of the Ming Dynasty in China, led a huge fleet and began the great pioneering work of seven voyages. The fleet travels across the Indian Ocean from the Western Pacific to West Asia and the east coast of Africa, including Mombasa. A large number of Chinese porcelain and ancient coins unearthed in Mombasa are also strong evidence of this historical fact.

Mombasa has a beautiful tropical scenery, where the sea breeze is light, the sun is shining, the climate is humid, the beach is soft, tropical trees such as coconut trees and palm trees are intertwined, and the European and Arab buildings are mixed. The city is divided into new and old parts. The residents include Bantu blacks, Arabs and Indians. The old city of Mombasa is located in the east. The houses here are almost all ancient Arab buildings. There are many scenic spots in the surrounding areas of the city, such as the giant trees held by six people, the mosques established before the ninth century, the ruins of the ancient Arab city, and a Chinese Qianzhuang monument in the city. The Jesus Castle built in 1593 (now the National Museum) receives a large number of overseas visitors every year. Many of the cultural relics unearthed in this area are Chinese porcelain and ancient money.

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