The history of development
The first stage
The first stage was from 1979 to 1982, and the economic management principle of ”planned economy was the mainstay and market regulation was supplemented”. In April 1979, the Central Working Conference proposed that the national economy should be “based on the planned economy, while paying full attention to the role of market regulation.”galvanized steel tubing suppliers
In November 1981, the government work report adopted at the Fourth Session of the Fifth National People’s Congress absorbed and adopted the above ideas and rose to a high level, recognizing that “correct understanding and handling of the planned economy and market regulation relationship is a key issue in the reform. ”

In September 1982, the party‚Äôs 12th National Congress report further clarified the economic management principles of “planned economy and market regulation supplemented”, pointing out: “The principle of correctly implementing the planned economy and supplementing market regulation is a fundamental issue in economic institutional reform.”
The principle of planning economy and market regulation as a supplement was positive at the time. In terms of ownership structure, the public ownership system is the main body, allowing the existence and development of individual, private and “three-capital” enterprises to liberalize a market economy; in the form of public-owned economic management, the rural collective economy implements the responsibility of household contract management. The state-owned small enterprises implement the leasing system, and the state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises generally implement the contract system and the shareholding system pilot of several enterprises, which reduces the types of national mandatory production and material distribution plans; in the relationship between the central and local governments, decentralization, especially The financial system has greatly enhanced the local financial and financial resources. However, in general, the principle of ”planned economy is the mainstay and market regulation is supplemented” is still a derivative of the traditional planned economy.

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