When it comes to Brazilian barbecue (Churrasco), the saliva can not stop flowing. The Brazilian roast meat (Churrasco) includes roast of beef, chicken legs, pork, sausages and even pineapples (pineapples are baked with Brazilian honey on the surface), pears and apples, which are marinated and then slowly roasted on a flat iron bar about one meter long with grooves on a carbon fire. During the barbecue time, brush oil several times, and roast until golden on both sides. When the meat is fragrant, you can eat it.tin plate suppliers

Characteristic of Churrasco
At the end of the 18th century, Brazilian cowboys used to barbecue on campfires with long swords in their spare time. Since then, Brazilian barbecue (Churrasco) with unique flavor has been formed. Brazilians like to eat barbecued meat, because different parts of meat have different tastes, so when barbecuing meat, only salt is put to season, the meat string is on the skewer then roasted on the fire, sprinkled with crude salt, let the salt melt and permeate, when the meat surface is ripe, remove the salt grains, then cut the surface of meat with a sharp edge to eat. Brazilian barbecue (Churrasco) is particularly expressive and focused on the original flavor of meat, in the delicious and rough flavor there is a pinewood fragrance. It is the primitive taste that makes Brazilian barbecue famous all over the world.

Churrasco is the state banquet of Brazil and is very popular in South America. After more than 500 years of evolution and successive generations of famous Brazilian chefs, to modern times, Brazilian barbecue is more excellence. Nowadays, it has become a brand, a traditional culture, which is constantly spreading to all parts of the world.

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