Tencent announced on March 24 that they have a friendly cooperation with Scratch, a children’s online programming community, will help Scratch achieve better promotion in China. Chinese children will have access to a faster and more creative visual and modular programming experience. Mitchel Resnick at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, Scratch makes it easy for kids to create interactive stories, demonstrate anime episodes, or make games. As the free and open source platform, the first version of Scratch came out in 2007; in the future, a more convenient online version was released in 2013, and plans to achieve cross-platform use on mobile devices. At present, this platform has more than 30 million registered users and supports more than 40 languages in more than 150 countries and regions.galvanized steel tubing suppliers
Tencent will establish an official communication and sharing channel for Scratch. In addition, Tencent Cloud will provide Scratch with network acceleration services to enhance the access experience of Chinese users; Tencent Games will provide more creative materials for children to choose. Scratch is a programming tool, and a step closer, Scratch’s creators and promoters hope to develop the ability of child users to express their abilities and creatively solve practical problems.

Resnick uses writing and reading as a comparison. Learning them “does not mean that you want to be a professional writer.” Similarly, learning to program does not mean that children will become software engineers or scientists in the future. Resnick said that children use Scratch, “can learn how to extend a small idea into a fully operational work; how to turn complex ideas into a few simpler parts; square steel tubing for sale how to work with others; how to make mistakes Find and correct mistakes; how to face setbacks in failure.” Resnick explains in his book “Lifetime Kindergarten” his concept of creating Scratch: children want to better understand the world, let them create the model of the world.

Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent,steel coil manufacturers saw the trend of deep integration of technology and education, ”breaking through the limitations of time and space and the limits of educational groups”. Tang Daosheng said that science and technology will help achieve the equalization of educational resources, make “thousands of people, teach students in accordance with their aptitudes” become a reality, and improve teaching efficiency. Tang Daosheng believes that the future education should be ”more international, personalized and intelligent”, and ”more focus on creativity and learning ability” at the content level. He said that the main problem facing educational institutions in the future is “how to make education services and education systems have more vitality, so that educational resources can be covered more comprehensively, covering more ages and covering more skills.” Tang Daosheng said that Scratch is a world-renowned children’s programming community, and Tencent is happy to work with Scratch to provide a better service experience for Chinese users. Scratch is a great tool for children to learn programming. Learning programming from an early age can exercise children’s logical thinking, imagination and planning skills.

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