Someone has spent $190,000 to test the effectiveness of FB advertising and summarized these experiences. Even the seller thought, “If only someone could try to do something for me.” It is so coincidental that there really is such a online shop which invested $191,487,740 in Facebook advertising, galvanized steel tubing suppliers bringing in $374,027,000 in revenue for his store. Let us have a read about his success.

Testing Overseas Markets
The most of sellers usually focus on the four countries and markets of Britain, Canada, Australia and United States when they put Facebook ads on the international market. However, if you want to increase conversion, you may need to expand your audience. You may even try to abandon these four countries and put them in smaller, less well-known countries or regions such as Jersey Island as example. As the United States with a large number of users and a wide range of chances, your advertising influence may be inadequate on the contrary.

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