At present, in order to meet the needs of the new situation, we must emphasize the cultivation of children’s self-reliance, independence, strong perseverance and courage, self-confidence and exploration spirit. These excellent qualities are an indispensable part of shaping a new generation of high quality, self-reliance is inseparable. A child with strong self-reliance will have a strong initiative and pioneering spirit. On the other hand, a child who has a heavy dependence on his family and parents can’t talk about self-reliance. From the real life of our country, especially the parents with only one children, because of their love for children, everything is arranged properly, so that children can develop a habit of not loving their brains and relying on others. This kind of child who lacks self-reliance will not be able to adapt to the need to open up a new situation. The degree of autonomy that a person reflects in action is independence. Being able to think independently and solve problems, have their own opinions on their own actions, are not easily influenced by the environment and others, and are good at absorbing others’ reasonable things to enrich themselves. This is a manifestation of independence. New and high-quality talents should have strong independence.tin plate suppliers

In the past, traditional education has the problem of children forming self-compressing personality from childhood. That is, in dealing with problems and resolving contradictions, children are subject to accusations no matter where they are. This kind of education will inevitably make children compress themselves from a young age, suppress their individuality, and even form a self-compressing personality. This kind of character is reflected in behavior, but it is not dare to insist on correctness, but even dare not insist on its own opinions. It is often to give up its own opinions in order to cater to the opinions of others. Even if they have mastered sufficient principles, they will not dare to argue for it. It forms a way of dealing with the opposite.
In the process of education, it is very important for parents to talk and preach. During the child’s growth, the parents’ strengths and weaknesses, this will become the children’s learning materials, so parents must be make a good example in front of the children. Today’s parents can’t just train their children into a “smart child” as the highest goal. The IQ of the child is really high, but the emotional intelligence can’t fall. We must educate our children to understand the sufferings of others, to restrain themselves, to abide by the agreement, and to learn to share. These are the virtues that children should teach their children when they are young. Parents should always pay attention to the child’s bit by bit cultivation in life. Guide your child correctly and in a row. Every word that parents say at home is a model for children’s imitation and learning. Parents should talk “civilized and polite language” in front of their children and pay great attention to their own words. Don’t say “dirty words” and do a qualified parent. Because the school mainly teaches children about knowledge and education, the family is not only taking care of the children’s life, but also retrying the child’s moral education.

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