For a Child’s Moral Education, What should We Do? (II)

At present, in order to meet the needs of the new situation, we must emphasize the cultivation of children’s self-reliance, independence, strong perseverance and courage, self-confidence and exploration spirit. These excellent qualities are an indispensable part of shaping a new generation of high quality, self-reliance is inseparable. A child with strong self-reliance will have a strong initiative and pioneering spirit. On the other hand, a child who has a heavy dependence on his family and parents can’t talk about self-reliance. From the real life of our country, especially the parents with only one children, because of their love for children, everything is arranged properly, so that children can develop a habit of not loving their brains and relying on others. This kind of child who lacks self-reliance will not be able to adapt to the need to open up a new situation. The degree of autonomy that a person reflects in action is independence. Being able to think independently and solve problems, have their own opinions on their own actions, are not easily influenced by the environment and others, and are good at absorbing others’ reasonable things to enrich themselves. This is a manifestation of independence. New and high-quality talents should have strong independence.tin plate suppliers

In the past, traditional education has the problem of children forming self-compressing personality from childhood. That is, in dealing with problems and resolving contradictions, children are subject to accusations no matter where they are. This kind of education will inevitably make children compress themselves from a young age, suppress their individuality, and even form a self-compressing personality. This kind of character is reflected in behavior, but it is not dare to insist on correctness, but even dare not insist on its own opinions. It is often to give up its own opinions in order to cater to the opinions of others. Even if they have mastered sufficient principles, they will not dare to argue for it. It forms a way of dealing with the opposite.
In the process of education, it is very important for parents to talk and preach. During the child’s growth, the parents’ strengths and weaknesses, this will become the children’s learning materials, so parents must be make a good example in front of the children. Today’s parents can’t just train their children into a “smart child” as the highest goal. The IQ of the child is really high, but the emotional intelligence can’t fall. We must educate our children to understand the sufferings of others, to restrain themselves, to abide by the agreement, and to learn to share. These are the virtues that children should teach their children when they are young. Parents should always pay attention to the child’s bit by bit cultivation in life. Guide your child correctly and in a row. Every word that parents say at home is a model for children’s imitation and learning. Parents should talk “civilized and polite language” in front of their children and pay great attention to their own words. Don’t say “dirty words” and do a qualified parent. Because the school mainly teaches children about knowledge and education, the family is not only taking care of the children’s life, but also retrying the child’s moral education.

How To Make Your FB Advertising More Value(I)

Someone has spent $190,000 to test the effectiveness of FB advertising and summarized these experiences. Even the seller thought, “If only someone could try to do something for me.” It is so coincidental that there really is such a online shop which invested $191,487,740 in Facebook advertising, galvanized steel tubing suppliers bringing in $374,027,000 in revenue for his store. Let us have a read about his success.

Testing Overseas Markets
The most of sellers usually focus on the four countries and markets of Britain, Canada, Australia and United States when they put Facebook ads on the international market. However, if you want to increase conversion, you may need to expand your audience. You may even try to abandon these four countries and put them in smaller, less well-known countries or regions such as Jersey Island as example. As the United States with a large number of users and a wide range of chances, your advertising influence may be inadequate on the contrary.

The Brazil Flavor – Churrasco(I)

When it comes to Brazilian barbecue (Churrasco), the saliva can not stop flowing. The Brazilian roast meat (Churrasco) includes roast of beef, chicken legs, pork, sausages and even pineapples (pineapples are baked with Brazilian honey on the surface), pears and apples, which are marinated and then slowly roasted on a flat iron bar about one meter long with grooves on a carbon fire. During the barbecue time, brush oil several times, and roast until golden on both sides. When the meat is fragrant, you can eat it.tin plate suppliers

Characteristic of Churrasco
At the end of the 18th century, Brazilian cowboys used to barbecue on campfires with long swords in their spare time. Since then, Brazilian barbecue (Churrasco) with unique flavor has been formed. Brazilians like to eat barbecued meat, because different parts of meat have different tastes, so when barbecuing meat, only salt is put to season, the meat string is on the skewer then roasted on the fire, sprinkled with crude salt, let the salt melt and permeate, when the meat surface is ripe, remove the salt grains, then cut the surface of meat with a sharp edge to eat. Brazilian barbecue (Churrasco) is particularly expressive and focused on the original flavor of meat, in the delicious and rough flavor there is a pinewood fragrance. It is the primitive taste that makes Brazilian barbecue famous all over the world.

Churrasco is the state banquet of Brazil and is very popular in South America. After more than 500 years of evolution and successive generations of famous Brazilian chefs, to modern times, Brazilian barbecue is more excellence. Nowadays, it has become a brand, a traditional culture, which is constantly spreading to all parts of the world.

Please Distinguish About Function pointer and Pointer function(I)

A new topic about programming, namely Function pointer and Pointer function. What is difference between these two? The most of newbies and trainees about programming will confuse about these two keywords Function pointer and Pointer function. As following is the professional explanation,

Definition about Function pointer and Pointer function
Function Pointer
A function pointer is a pointer variable to a function. Therefore, the “function pointer” itself should first be a pointer variable, except that the pointer variable points to the function. Just as pointer variables can be used to point to integer variables, character types, and arrays, here is pointing to the function.steel coil manufacturers

Pointer function
First, it is a function, except that the return value of the function is an address value. The return value of function must be accepted by the same type of pointer variable, that is to say, the pointer functions must have “function’s return value”, and in the main function, the return value of function must be assigned to the same type of pointer variable.

Very Famous Sport Brands Around The World(I)

Today, we may consider to discuss one topic about top brand of sport around the world, meanwhile, someone perhaps loves to wear Nike, somebody addict to try FILA, or others prefer to Reebok, Adidas, Puma and so on. So list some famous sport brands as reference.

Nike – America
Nike Corporation (NIKE) was founded in 1972, headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. Its predecessor was Blue Belt Sports Company, which was invested by current president of NIKE, Phil Knight, and coach Bill Bowerman. steel coil manufacturers

Nike’s proud performance confirms what its founder Bill Bowerman once stated “as long as you have a body, you are an athlete. As long as there are athletes in the world, Nike will continue to grow.” The name NIKE is very lucky, easy to read, easy to remember. The Nike logo symbolizes the feathers of the wings of the Greek goddess of victory. Certainly, NIKE not only represents speed, but also represents movement and gentleness.

Global Nature’s Wonder – Victoria Falls(I)

There are so many good landscapes and wonders around the world. When human face these natural masterpieces, as often we will be shocked by these splendid and spectacular natural scenes. Will you know about Victoria Falls? It is one of the global seven of natural wonders. Certainly, perhaps we have no chance to visit it, through my written post let us feel the great of nature.

Brief about Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls is known as the “roaring cloud”. Steel Pipe

The waterfall is located in the middle reaches of the Zambezi River in Africa, on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is more than 1,700 meters wide (more than 5,500 feet) and 108 meters (355 feet) high. It is one of the world’s famous waterfall wonders. Width and height are twice as large as Niagara Falls.

The average annual flow is about 935 cubic meters per second (33,000 cubic feet per second). Before reaching the waterfall, the vast Zambezi River flows gently on the broad and shallow basalt riverbed, then suddenly plunges from a cliff of about 50 meters (150 feet) into a deep canyon.

The main waterfall is divided into several strands by the Inter-River Rock Island. The spray splashes up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) and can be seen from 65 kilometers (40 miles) away.

About Programming PHP(II)

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a computer language used to represent file styles such as HTML (an application of Standard Markup Language) or XML (a subset of Standard Markup Language). CSS can not only modify web pages statically, but also format elements of web pages with various scripting languages dynamically.

What is PHP?
For PHP language, basic definition tells us PHP (full name of PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, original name as “Personal Home Page”) is a open source scripting language. Meanwhile, PHP script is running and executing on the server. As a recognized and popular programming language, PHP is easy to learn for beginners, and also it provides so many advanced functions for senior programmers.Steel Pipe Suppliers

What is PHP file?
Normally we have to know what is PHP file after we have understood about its definition as hypertext pre-processor. Continue to read below,

 PHP files can contain text, HTML, JavaScript code, and PHP code
 PHP code is executed on the server and the results are returned to the browser in pure HTML form
 The default file extension for PHP files is “.php”

Why generally is PHP popular?
 PHP can run on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.)
 PHP is compatible with almost all servers currently in use (Apache, IIS, etc.)
 PHP provides extensive database support
 PHP is free and can be downloaded from official PHP resources.

Corn Porridge(II)

Brown sugar contains about 95% sucrose, retains more nutrients of sugarcane, and is more easily digested and absorbed by the human body, so it can quickly supplement physical strength and increase vitality, so it is also known as “Oriental Chocolate”. It contains not only carbohydrates that provide heat energy, but also indispensable for human growth and development. Malic acid, riboflavin, carotene, nicotinic acid and trace elements such as manganese, zinc and chromium.

1 Prepare proper corn flour (cornmeal). square tubing for sale
2 Pour the water into saucepan, then heat the water till boiled.
3 Put the corn flour into saucepan, stir it evenly.
4 Certainly, you may consider to put some soda inside so that nicotinic acid will release adequately.
5 Boil and stew the corn powder and water till it becomes mash, then the corn porridge is cooked well.
6 if you hope the corn porridge will be more nutrition, then put some Chinese data inside.
7 Certainly, you may also consider about some Brown sugar. Because brown sugar also is with enough nutrition.

When the winter is coming, corn porridge will warm you at night and supply you enough nutrition that demand by human. Actually, corn porridge will help you to promote digest, no matter cooking way and its nutrition contribution, it is really worth to cook for you and your family at the dinner in the winter.

Content Marketing with Related Practices(I)

Marketing is really profound to know such as its strategy, methods and plans. Meanwhile, we have to know marketing practices to complete marketing during related jobs. Because only practices will help us to really understand what is marketing and how to operate it successfully. Every businessman, regardless of the type of organization, wants content that drives traffic and helps build audiences for them. In order to minimize costs and take advantage of relevant publications and promotions, it is helpful to develop a plan from the beginning of the content process. Here we go, let us know content marketing with related practices.Steel Pipe

No matter what kinds of products or services or media you offer, these practices may help you to increase the volume of content, then effectively support to your business targets.

Special content
Provide exclusive and special information that your audiences cannot find from other sites and places. It helps people access your other content and social media location, and you can use various content formats such as videos, checklists, articles’ tricks and worksheets.
Products content to spread
At the first you have to answer the question you ask to yourself. What will my audiences find interesting to know? Actually along with this question, then you may provide, a storytelling formats, additional photographs or even videos and so on, to tell your audience with “question and tell”. certainly, find out the members in your companies who are really like your products. The next is widely spread and bring your products into life.

Spareribs Braised In Soy Sauce(I)

This is really traditional cuisine from China. Delicious spareribs with some quail eggs are absolutely nutrient and savory. My Chinese friend teach me this, and later i often invite my friends as party or family party to taste this cuisine. By this time, let me introduce you this recipe, please have a look below,

Nutrition of Food Materials
Spareribs provide quality protein and fat necessary for human physiological activities, especially rich calcium, which can maintain bone health. The ribs have the function for nourishing Yin, Moistening Dryness, enriching essence and enriching blood. Do not wash pork with hot water before cooking because pork contains a substance of myosin, which is easily dissolved in water above 15 degrees Celsius. If soaked in hot water, many nutrients will be lost.

Quail Eggs
Quail eggs contain 12.8 grams of protein, 11.1 grams of fat, 2.1 grams of carbohydrate, vitamin A337 mg, thiamine 0.11 mg, riboflavin 0.49 mg, vitamin E3.08 mg, potassium 138 mg, sodium 106.6 mg, magnesium 11 mg, manganese 0.04 mg, zinc 1.61 mg per 100 grams of edible parts. It is benefits to help for the patients of Tuberculosis, hypertension, metabolic disorders and so on. Quail eggs are rich in protein, cephalin, lecithin, lysine, cystine, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients. It can replenish qi and blood (vitality), strengthen tendons and strengthen bones.tin plate suppliers